Stock Management

Sourced Components Ltd have over 20 years experience of supplying direct to a customers location in a number of forms including JIT “Just In Time” and DLF “Direct Line Feed”.

We offer many variations but management systems can be tailored to meet individual requirements as required. 

Direct Line Feed

We Supply customized inventory solutions to control and deliver quality parts direct to the production line for uninterupted replenishment and Zero sock outs.

Our resources, skills and experience provide the services to fulfill your individual manufacturing needs. 

Direct Line Feed (DLF) is an inventory management system designed to keep component supply and demand in perfect harmony.

From supply and Inventory monitoring to replenishment, quality control, management and reporting, every aspect can be handled by Sourced Components if required, reducing pressures on internal production and purchases resource.

For increased control, reduced administration, and a more robust production process, DLF delivers.

Contact us for more information at on how our direct line feed programs can be customized to directly benefit you.

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